For Camden

In 2008, eight people were told that this community didn’t need another church.  They were told that a new church plant would not be successful.  They were told that it couldn’t be done.  It’s true that 8 years ago, this community did not need just another church.  What this community needed was a different kind of church.  And out of that need, Christ’s Church Camden was born.

The “For Camden” Initiative is Christ’s Church’s desire to show our community what we are FOR rather than what we are against.  Most people know what the church is against.  Our society believes that those within the church belong to some secret club.  And because of their past, they will never be accepted into that club.  However, at Christ’s Church Camden, rather than communicating what we are against… we will communicate what we are FOR. 

Throughout the year, we focus on large-scale community events as well as smaller, behind-the-scenes ways to serve our community.  We’ll recruit as many people as possible to take part in local 5K races, and volunteers to man their water stations.  We’ll participate in events like the St. Marys Mardi Grau parade and the Red-Shoe-Walk.  Also our local Relay-For-Life.  We’ll honor the local teachers on teacher appreciation day.  The list goes on and on of how we can love our community, make a difference in people’s lives and show them that we are FOR CAMDEN.

Check this page often as we will post upcoming events that we’ll participate in throughout the year.  Also, scroll down and check out all the pics from past events.